Incipit is a fantasy webcomic about two people hiding from reality - behind defensive pessimism or relentless optimism - and how their encounter can unlock the courage they need to overcome their isolation.

It’s about the prisons we build for ourselves, to hide from the things we don’t want to remember.*

Art & Story by Mari Limmy.

Updates every Friday. (Currently on hiatus while working on Chapter 2)

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About the author

Mari Gonzalez Curia || AKA: Mari Limmy (She/Her)


Comic Artist & Illustrator || Argentina

Has been creating comics (in one way or another) since she was a kid and loves them too much to stop.

Her art and comics always feature vibrant, soulful fantasy characters and usually explore themes of hope, fear, empathy, and inner-demons.

She’s also the author of The Shadow, a short comic about anxiety and self-compassion.